We teamed up with the incredible production team at Realmless and LVMH’s Belvedere Vodka to curate one of the most exclusive events of the year in Ibiza, headlined by Black Coffee. Here’s how it went down:



The Disruptive was tasked with bringing 250 top creators, artists, influencers & entrepreneurs to the annual Belvedere Eclipse summit in Ibiza, to not only have an incredible time, but to activate on a social level and announce their new Eclipse Vodka design.

Influencer marketing is often times focused for driving e-commerce sales, but it’s a powerful tool for activating on a grassroots level to amplify live events, parties, concerts, shows etc. to increase brand exposure outside the venue itself. That was the case for this event.

Here are the social results (PDF)

The keys for any great event are:

#1: Venue

#2: Music and

#3: The people.

If your guests aren’t vibing, if the energy isn’t flowing, it doesn’t matter how great the venue, or how great the music, people just aren’t going to have a good time.

Curating a crowd, goes much deeper than event promotion. Curating a crowd that not only creates the right vibe, but also has the right social media marketing power, is far more difficult. It’s not just a skillset, it’s an art.

That’s what we do at The Disruptive. Let us know if you’d like to setup a time to chat about how we can amplify your brand with influencer marketing.

Talk soon,

Alexander Mendeluk
Digital Shaman & CEO
The Disruptive