I’ve used the below strategy to generate millions of dollars worth of revenue

and the more you have firing at one time the more successful you will be. I can almost guarantee that even with one or two of the avenues below going strong, you can generate momentum, as long as you have a solid product and brand (if you don’t, then I would check out my videos on personal branding and brand identity).

There is so much content out there on marketing and there is honestly no best practice. It all depends on you, your brand and your market. But over the years I’ve noticed some very specific things that when put in place with each other, leverage powerful results and really. . .it’s not that complicated.

Below is my 360° degree marketing strategy. These are 8 tips you can apply to your business today, right now, to create a foolproof marketing plan.

1. Website/E-Commerce

Now I know this isn’t life changing. You probably already have one, but I cannot stress the importance enough! A website is the forefront of your brand. It’s the hub where all of your content is going to be housed. It’s where you communicate. It’s the first impression that people are going to receive when they come to you, and as we know, first impressions mean a lot. Not only that. Are you on top of technology? Are you ahead of the curve? Are you desktop, tablet and mobile responsive? E-commerce is supposed to double and grow by 51% by 2017! That’s incredible! If you’re not in this game or on this wave, then you’re going to be missing out on a ton of business.

2. Content Creation

We all know that content creation is key; not only is it great for organic search and driving traffic but also gives your brand a voice. What are you trying to communicate to the world and how are you going to do it? The best marketing strategies utilize all three: Quality video, the written word and photography.

3. Social Media

Connect and engage with your audience. We all know what social media is and the best strategies utilize all of the big boys; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +. Figure out how you can cross promote, build your communities and drive brand awareness through both organic content creation as well as paid advertising. It’s also a great way for you to get customer feedback, get new customers and increase your revenue. (Click here for “13 Social Media Tips Needed for Driving Engagement and Revenue Immediately”)

4. Grassroots Marketing

Good old grassroots marketing, what does that mean? It means getting on the ground…getting face to face with people…having conversation. In my opinion nothing is more valuable and important to your business than developing rapport with people one-on-one. You can communicate your brand; you can show them new products; share your story; get user feedback and you can develop quality, lasting relationships. Think about ways in which you can engage with your local community, such as non-profits. This then creates valuable opportunities for generating content and building your brand’s equity.

5. Events and Sales Opportunities

Think industry trade shows, pop-up shops, local events and local markets for instance. Any way in which you can get your brand on a ground level selling directly to a consumer. This also ties in with grassroots marketing.

6. Co-Branding (Brand to Brand Collaboration)

The power of collaboration. I cannot express how powerful this can be for your brand. What co-branding does is It allows you to cross pollinate with other brands. What stories can you tell together? What products can you create? This is an incredible way for you to exchange followers and leverage each other’s communities to grow both of your businesses.

7. Public Relations (PR)

To pay for PR or not to pay for PR, that is the question? There’s a ton of things that you can do without paying for PR.

For instance, bloggers. There are millions of bloggers in tons of different markets and their jobs are to write reviews and talk about other people’s businesses and products – take advantage of that!

Think local. How can you become the hometown hero? Pitch local editors on the opening of your new store or pop-up shop.

Think PR stunts. Now I’m not talking about ripping off your clothes and going streaking but what can you do that’s outlandish and legal to help tell a story?

Celebrity seeding. Now we all know about the draw of a celebrity and yes, it can definitely help your brand to get your product on a one, but is it necessary? Absolutely not! If you are going to go down that route, make sure that the celebrity you choose alines with your demographic and your audience! You don’t want to go Beyonce if you’re selling to Farmers in Louisiana. Well, maybe you do. Maybe farmers in Louisiana…they probably love Beyonce, don’t they?!

8. Networking

The good ol’grandaddy of em all! Nothing beats, good old fashioned networking. Get out there rub shoulders, shake hands, and meet people. But make sure it’s friendship first and business second. Nobody likes desperation, don’t be that guy.

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