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The Disruptive offers consulting, coaching and creative services for social entrepreneurs and brands looking to make an income and an impact.


So, you want to grow your business? Why can’t you figure it out?

Hint #1: There is no secret formula (no matter what they tell you)
Hint #2: It doesn’t start with a funnel
Hint #3: Check out this free training, it will help you out

If you want to grow your business and make more money in this day and age you HAVE to know these 3 things – and if you don’t your brand is going to suffer.

This Process Got Me On Shark Tank


It’s essential that the product, messaging and impact of your brand supports not only your bottom line, but the people and planet they affect.

We bake purpose into everything your brand does, with a heavy focus on community, traffic and revenue growth.

Our training programs and processes have created Cleo Award winning campaigns, helped turn start-ups into multimillion dollar brands and re-imagined public companies.

We offer new-emerging consulting services and we do it with a proven track record of taste, flare and success.
We’re not “searching” for the next unicorns, we’re breeding them.

If you’re looking to grow your business, schedule a call with us.



Alexander Mendeluk brings an unconventional approach to business and life that has inspired many, led to the success of his former company SpiritHoods (a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand that gives back to endangered animals) and landed him on ABC’s Shark Tank.

His talks aim to inspire and equip heart-centered entrepreneurs to create successful lives and businesses that help change the world.
Alexander has spoken at USC, Layola Maramount, SOHO House, General Assembly and others.

If you’re interested in having Alexander come speak at your event, you can setup a time to chat below.


If you want an amazing biz coach who drastically increase NOT only your bank account but also your overall well being… you have to work with Alexander Mendeluk
Forever grateful you you Alex!

— Rachele Smith – Actress & Lifestyle Coach —



Thank you Alex for all of your NINJA help with Facebook Campaigns!! Your system helped us generate approx $10K in coaching and course promos, in under 30 days! You know your sh*t!

— Tristan Truscott – Martial Artist & Coach —


Wendy Ludlow



“You are an Angel Alex. A Digital Shaman. A Ray of Hope. A partner. A Coach. A Role Model. Pure Authenticity. I’m Grateful for you and those who Love you.”

— Wendy Ludlow – Play Therapist —





“No one teaches what they are teaching at The Disruptive. I had no idea what I was doing when I first started, but Alexander’s branding exercise helped me clarify the identity of my brand. We’ve done over 1.5 million in sales and provided over ten thousand blankets to homeless shelters.”

— Bob Dalton, Founder of Sackcloth & Ashes




“With Alexander’s experience taking a crazy idea and turning it into a serious global brand success story, there’s no-one better to help you define your kind of crazy, find a market for it, and turn your dream into reality. Now wouldn’t that be crazy?”

— James Sinclair – Former Saatchi & Saatchi Global Creative Director





We loved your style of speaking. It was fun, engaging, and hilarious. But most importantly for its invaluable content and its practical business application.You have so much value to offer and your genuine attitude towards helping others is infectious. Personally, you have left a huge impact on my life. I will never forget your words to me: “Never stop dreaming.”

— Nobel Daniel, US Army Vet (82nd Airborne Division) & VP of Leadership, Canisius Entrepreneurship Organization —



8 Powerful Tips for Building a 360° Marketing Strategy

I’ve used the below strategy to generate millions of dollars worth of revenue and the more you have firing at one time the more successful you will be. I can almost guarantee that even with one or two of the avenues below going strong, you can generate momentum,...

The 3 Fundamentals of Branding

Lets talk about branding, brand identity, and brand equity. What are these elusive terms? What do they mean and how do they apply to you in building your business and brand? I look at it simply, really. 1. Brand identity is how you see the world. 2. Brand equity is...


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